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Policy Researches
National policy researches on laws, policies and programmes on forest and indigenous peoples.

National Policy Researches on Forests and IPs Print

As part of the Climate Change Project’s 1st year implementation, Policy and Program Analysis at the national level in eight countries composed of Nicaragua, Peru, Kenya, Cameroon, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Nepal were undertaken. The Policy and Program Analysis were written by indigenous researchers from indigenous partner organizations - CHIRAPAQ for Peru, Lelewal for Cameroon, CERDA and CSDM for Vietnam, Institut Dayakologi and AMAN for Indonesia, CADPI for Nicaragua, Tebtebba for the Philippines, NEFIN for Nepal and MPIDO for Kenya.

The objectives of the Policy and Program Analysis are the following:

  1. To gather and present data on the drivers of deforestation; and existing national laws and policies on forests, land tenure, indigenous peoples and their rights, climate change and REDD.
  2. To present and analyze the processes and mechanisms of designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating REDD and private stakeholders programs, activities and initiatives that directly affect indigenous peoples and their forests.
  3. To identify issues and challenges on the REDD programs that affects indigenous peoples and their rights.
  4. To identify the various actions and responses to these issues and challenges and to demonstrate how these are undertaken.
    5. To offer/provide recommendations on how to address these issues and challenges
    that affects the forests and the indigenous peoples.


The Country Policy and Program Analaysis were published by Tebtebba in the book State of Forests, Policy Environment and Ways Forward in 2010 and launched during COP 16 of the UNFCCC in Cancun, Mexico in December that year.

The Country Policy and Program Analaysis, extracted from the book, can be downloaded here:

CAMEROON RESEARCH - Building on Indigenous Peoples' Role in REDD+ Implementation in Cameroon

INDONESIA RESEARCH - Exploring REDD+ Implementation in Indonesia's State Policies for Indigenous Peoples

KENYA RESEARCH - REDD+ in Kenya: An Indigenous Peoples' Perspective

NEPAL RESEARCH - Locating Indigenous Peoples' Perspectives in REDD+ Implementation in Nepal

NICARAGUA RESEARCH - Implementing REDD+ in Nicaragua: An Indigenous Peoples' Analysis

PERU RESEARCH - Emphasizing Indigenous Peoples' Perspectives in REDD+ Programs in Peru

PHILIPPINES RESEARCH - The Possibility of REDD+ in the Philippines: What Does this Mean to Indigenous Peoples?

VIETNAM RESEARCH - The Ethnic Minorities in REDD+ Implementation: The Case of Vietnam