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Statement of Indigenous Peoples Calling for the Adoption of the Indigenous Peoples Policy at GCF BM19 Print


Statement of Indigenous Peoples Calling for the Adoption of the Indigenous Peoples Policy during the 19th Meeting of the Board of the Green Climate Fund


14 February 2018

After a long process of elaboration and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, the final draft of the GCF Indigenous Peoples Policy is now in the
Lumad agenda of your B19 meeting for consideration and approval, together with two other key policies, the ESMS and the new Gender and Social Inclusion Policy. At the same time, you will be discussing the approval of 23 projects, at least one third of which directly or indirectly have the potential to affect Indigenous Peoples.  A random look at the projects in the pipeline for consideration and elaboration also confirms the need for a cogent policy on indigenous peoples to be adopted as a matter of urgency.

 Initially slated for consideration and approval at B17 and then postponed to B18 and now to B19 due to a full agenda of the Board, the Indigenous Peoples Policy of the GCF has now undergone three stages of elaboration and inputs from stakeholders. Well aware of its importance, we have dedicated a substantial amount of time and energy to share the subsequent drafts of the Policy with our constituencies and solicit comments and inputs in order to contribute to ensure a wide discussion where a plurality of perspectives of indigenous peoples could be taken into due account.

We wish to express our appreciation to the Board for its support to develop the Policy and to the GCF Secretariat for its efforts to integrate our concerns and proposed elements of the Policy in the three drafts, including the most recent version, that is now for discussion at B19.


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